My two favourite words in the whole English Language are: Creativity and Imagination.

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books, tween anthology, poetry,

drawings, and magazine articles. I love animals, nature and fun adventures. Come visit my stories; my favorite words are Creativity and Imagination. Use your imagination and creativity every day! Plus don’t forget to read! What a delight it is to find out everything this grand, miraculous world has to show us.


If you are interested in contacting me, please go to the contact page. I would love to hear from you. I read all my letters and answer them, too.


I am also a storyteller. I visit schools and read to children of all ages. I do creative writing lessons and MEET THE AUTHOR sessions. Contact me and we’ll brainstorm activities to get children to read.


Thanks for visiting! Don’t forget to be kind in whatever you do and read every day.  HAPPY READING LEADS TO HAPPY ADVENTURES!


Hope to see you soon.


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Meg the Egg


Little Meg finds the outside world a bit too loud and far too scary!


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Don't Cross the Road Holly!


A bilingual book from Malta published by Enchanted Grove Publications.


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A collection of ten short stories reflecting the changing adolescent moods and aspirations.


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