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Little Meg finds the outside world a bit too loud and far too scary!


So, she’s going to stay inside her safe white shell, thank you very much. But then the Howl breaks into the barn and steals Mother Hen! What is she supposed to do, still holed up in that egg of hers? She can’t run and she certainly can’t fly. Well, never get between a chick and her momma, cause this little bird’s got a can do spirit and a whole lot of courage that she didn’t know she had before!


'A wonderful first book for children. It is the endearing story of young Meg who is afraid of the world and all of it's scary sounds. It is such a great story for parents and children to read together and talk about! I bought it as a gift for a baby shower 'wishing well' and bought another copy to keep home!' – Dr. Cheryl A. Camenzuli



Paperback: €7.00

'What a beautifully written first reader. My 15 month old granddaughter was immedidately entranced by the story and artwork.'

- Monti


This is a bilingual book from Malta published by Enchanted Grove Publications. An engaging story of Holly, the impulsive hedgehog for whom the smell of juicy, sweet blackberries on the other side of the road proves too much of a temptation. Despite all the protestations from the other animals cautioning her not to cross the road, she just can’t resist doing so, causing chaos and some very near misses! The illustrations by Abigail Daker are amusing and help enforce the simple message in the text; that children should never cross a busy road without looking to see that it is safe to cross.


Unlike many bilingual books published in the UK the text of the two languages is not on the same page. One half of the book is the English version while the other is in Maltese. There are two front covers and you turn it upside down depending upon which language version you wish to read.

Chosen as the year's best Children's Book in English 2013

English cover hedgehog

A collection of ten short stories to reflect the changing adolescent moods and aspirations. Angels, teenagers, cockroaches, dragons…different themes and characters mirroring the seasons; past and present, which make up our lives.


They lend an assortment of memories , a mixture of happiness and sadness; of joy and despair. Stories meant to be told, written and read as seasons are meant to be lived.


Illustrations by Mary Harris.

'There are ten different great stories. I loved reading every one of them. My favorites were the mystery story on who ate the cheese and the girl who wore the make up to impress a boy'.- Meghan Cuschieri aged 10

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Rebecca’s Choice targets children aged 5 to 8 years and features the same story in both Maltese and English. The book presents a situation that young children will easily associate with.


Rebecca, the young girl in the story, needs a soft toy to keep her warm in bed during a cold autumn night. Which one will she choose? Her mother offers a variety of different animals from different countries to choose from. Her ultimate choice is however not based on external beauty but inner feelings of compassion and true friendship.


The story brings out the message that beauty is more than skin deep and what you may be searching for could very well be just in front of you.


The book is ideal for a bedtime read by parents to their youngsters and is full of brilliantly coloured illustrations.

'My granddaughter loves this book. She doesn't read the Maltese part, of course, but she wants to hear the story in English before she goes to bed.'- John Kachuba, author of Ghost Stories.

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Available at: Midsea Books


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Il-Harba taz-Zringijiet / The Frogs’ Great Escape is a bilingual picture book in both Maltese and English for children aged 5 to 8.


A frog family is trapped in a jam jar by two cruel children and fights desperately to regain its freedom. This is ultimately achieved when all the frogs work together and stop despairing at their circum-stance.


The book has a strong environmental theme focusing on the need to ensure that wild animals can live undisturbed in their own natural environment. It also brings out the importance of thinking problems through and shows that everyone is capable to perform what initially seems to be an impossible task.


The book is specially sized to allow young children to handle the pages easily and its brilliantly coloured illustrations by Victor Pulis add to the interest that it generates amongst its young readers.

The Frogs’ Great Escape was judged as the best book in the Children’s Literature category of the Malta Literary Awards of 2003.

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Also available at: Amazon


Paperback: €7.00


Paperback: €6.00


Paperback: €4.50

A Maltese reading book for ages 6-9 in a primary reading skill level scheme edited by Klabb Kotba Maltin Edizzjoni Klaklamin.

Toni is in a Christmas play and he lost a part of his costume, a sock. Where is he going to find it?


He asks everyone he meets to help find his sock. Should he listen to his little sister? She knows who to ask about the sock.


Read about Toni‘s adventures that take him up to the North Pole to see Santa Claus. The ride is fun; the reading is easy. Happy Reading!


Illustrations by Abi Daker are colourful and exciting!

On A Lonely Tree is a dual language, Maltese and English, picture book for the very young. A first of its kind, reversible book in Malta for children introduced by the author, Rita Borg Cuschieri.(aka Rita Antoinette Borg)


Told in a circular story, this narrative represents the circle of life for a bird who doesn’t want to leave her Mama.


Illustrations by Jeni Caruana. This book is sold out.


On A Lonely tree is a confidently written and structured picture book text with a lovely sense of the circularity of life, and a warm, reassuring message at its heart.



“This is a gentle and restrained picture book text with a simple, circular story. It is confidently structured and adeptly explores the themes of growing up and gaining independence.” - Winchester Writers’ Festival

'Wow! A book about a Maltese boy. I liked reading about his silly adventures. I got this book for Christmas.'- Braydon Camilleri aged 8

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Amber Alien really wants a pet. But not just any pet. A pet from Planet Earth.All the animals she brings to her planet want to remain on Earth.


What can she do? Then, she finds a pet from her own planet. Will Maxi be a

perfect pet?

To ORDER a copy, please contact me for details.  


Do you like poems? Are you sure you know what one is?!


Join popular poet Roger Stevens for a trip through the different types of poetry: from advertising jingles to football chants, and from free verse to rap.


Then, why not have a go at writing a poem of your own?



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