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My Library on Riverside in New York City

By Aimee Fry, Feb 13 2017 01:13PM

My library on Riverside Drive in New York City was the only place my father let me go to on my own. The

Adult Book Section was upstairs: the Children's Books Section was downstairs.

One day downstairs, I read the last page of a picture book" Tikki Tikki Tembo" by Arlene Mosel.

Then, I whispered to the librarian," Where can I find the book," The Good Earth", by Pearl Buck?"

The librarian smiled and said, " That's upstairs. Are you ready to read the upstairs books?"

I nodded, but I wasn't sure.

"My teacher said to read "Good Earth"', I said, clenching my lips together.

"All right then, " said the librarian, who knew me well, " You can go upstairs, Rita. It's on the very first shelf. If you can't reach it call me."

I ascended the staircase as if landing on an alien planet, deep in outer space. Breathing in, I gazed around the new floor. I had made it. I bounded to the first bookshelf.

I found the book.

I couldn't reach it.

I climbed one shelf, two shelves, three shelves.

I grabbed the book, held it tight and jumped down. The pages fell open.

There and then, I departed on my first adult voyage to China.

Rita Antoinette Borg grew up near Central Park in New York City. Always reading and learning, she writes magazine articles, poetry and stories. She visits schools as a storyteller and children's author. She has seven books published, and a picture book about an alien is soon on its way; along with a long poem about dolphins in an anthology. Rita has three kids, a husband who is a microbiologist and a border collie named Dakota. Rita now resides in Malta, but misses New York City very much.

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