My two favourite words in the whole English Language are: Creativity and Imagination.

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Hello Readers!

By guest, Aug 13 2015 11:22AM

When I was younger, I thought the best superpower was Telepathy- the gift of reading minds- to be able to know what someone’s thinking. Wouldn’t that be great? You get to learn secrets, ideas, learn if a person is good or bad… so many things.

Way back in 1974, Mrs. Walsh, my 7th grade teacher, asked the class to write about the year 2000. She wanted us to write about what we wanted for our futures and what new invention technology will come up with.

I knew I wanted to be a writer; so that was easy.

But a new invention…now that was hard to imagine.

After much thought, this is what I came up with: A machine that would answer all my questions and be able to read minds. Yes, it was that important to me to read minds. I wanted to know everything. I was a curious kid. I wanted to know why the moon looked like cheese. I wanted to know how tall the Empire State Building was. I wanted to know if George, a boy I was crushing on, liked hotdogs. I wanted to know the true feelings of people around me and what could I do or say to make them laugh; not at me but with me.

In 2000, I was a writer. YEAH!

The world had Google that answers almost any question. YEAH!

But we still don’t have a Telepathy machine. YEAH!

(Two out of three isn’t bad, don’t you think?)

Why do I not want Telepathy superpower anymore?

We can’t have telepathy in this world because we need to be more tolerant of each other first. We need to write personal letters, call each other, give more hugs, understand and love each other more before we can read each other’s thoughts. Remember what Spiderman says,” With more power, comes more responsibility.”

So now, I don’t want to probe minds; now I prefer to read hearts.

Sep 25 2015 11:43AM by Tracey Holland

It is always a pleasure to read your books. Just got your new anthology and am really looking forward to reading it myself first. Had the wonderful pleasure if spending a week with you at Arvon. You have been a great friend ever since, and one amazing writer.

Sep 28 2015 01:08PM by Rita Antoinette Borg

Hi Tracey,

Thanks so much for your great comment!

How did you get the book?
If ever you need a reading of your work, I will be happy to help. You are an amazing friend and writer, too.
With best wishes always,


Nov 11 2015 08:34PM by Anna Pulis

Humour, imagination, emotions, morals to be learnt and much more are all found in "Seasons." These short, flowing narratives appeal to everyone,young and old! They are indeed a pleasure to read!

Nov 22 2015 07:33PM by Rita Anoinette Borg

Hi Anna Thanks for your great comments on SEASONS. Glad you liked reading it.

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