My two favourite words in the whole English Language are: Creativity and Imagination.

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About Rita

I was born in Malta, but was raised in New York City; just across the street to Central Park

and very close to Central Park Zoo. My father was a superintendent of our building and my

mother was a seamstress and housekeeper. I am the second of four daughters.


I thought about being a writer ever since my fifth-grade English teacher, Ms. Angela

Griffiths read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to the class. A book I had given to her

as a present.  It was my third grade teacher, Sister Melita, who helped a shy little girl

awake to her talent by sitting me on her teacher’s desk so that the whole class could hear

me read aloud. I was destined to a storytelling future by what she did. Thank you so much,

Sr. Melita.


I started writing when I was nine with an old typewriter. Boy was that

ever hard! I wrote articles, poems and horoscopes for various school



Always dreaming and hoping to write, I never got around to it as I

grew older. Always waiting for tomorrow. But one day there was a

competition in a newspaper; I just had to enter. After many sleepless

nights thinking I would fail miserably, the results came out. No, I didn’t

win, but the editor called me up to tell me how she enjoyed reading

my entry. She asked if she could publish it on her newspaper . So, I

was first published in a national newspaper in 1995 with an article

about Mother’s day and the hard facts about being a mother. It was  

a dream come true. My first book was published in 2000.


I worked as a dog and cat sitter, a dog walker of four dogs together, a

babysitter, a rubber band packager, a ground hostess for an airline, a

newspaper reporter, and now the best job of all- a children’s author and



I live in a big house with my husband, two daughters, a son and a Border

collie. I love anything to do with Nature.



My favourite quotes are: 


Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.- Jesus of Nazareth.


“Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to be a writer, I had to write. Every

day. No matter what.” – Kate Dicamillo.


“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then

animals are better off than a lot of humans.” James Herriot


I live in Malta, but visit the USA as often as I can.

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